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Great weekend topic. LOL I just took my kids hog hunting this weekend. If you are looking for food quality hogs I would not shoot anything much over 100-150 lbs. Any bigger than that and the meat begins to get a little rank. One thing that helps with the gamey taste is to soak the meat in a mixture of milk and mustard for at least 4 hrs before cooking. You will not be able to taste the mustard when you cook it. It does not take a whole lot either. Just put the meat to be cooked in a bowl or casserole dish and squirt mustard in a zig zag pattern on top. It does not have to completely cover the meat. Then pour on enough milk to mostly cover the meat. Mix it all together with your hands and let soak in the refrigerator until ready to cook. You do not need to wash it off to cook. Just remove from the soak and season to taste. As far as calibers of guns, that depends more on the size of the hog and shot placement. If your marksmanship skills are good a large hog can be dispatched at close reange with a .22 if shot in the ear. My daughters killed both of their 130 lb hogs this weekend with an ear shot using AR 15s. If you are more comfortable with a heart or lung shot then I would recommend a .270 or any of the .30 cal deer rifles. Shotguns loaded with slugs are very effective as well. What makes male hogs hard to kill is the thick grissel shields they build up on their sides from fighting. I have killed hogs in excess of 200 lbs and have found .30 cal bullets lodged in the 2″ thick shields. It never even made it into the vital organs. I prefer the ear or neck shots because it stops them every time no matter how big and it doesn’t waste any meat.