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On number 1. It sounds great for the farmer, but I do not think so! First it makes it look like the city people will just die or kill each other off, not true, it also makes it look like the city people do not have a brain and will only use there feet to walk to the farm land. What happen to the millions and millions of bicycles that are all over the cities. Every house has a bicycle in the cities. Also the cities are full of x military men and women that will find a way to take over small farms.

Also the gangs from the cities are not going to walk to the farmland, they will find a way to get there. The farmers will have a war on there hands.

I know for a fact that here in Florida the cities 9 out of 10 homes own at less one gun so yes the cities will be a war but they will go to the farmland.

On number 2, Yes the Constitution does need an update to clarify 2nd Amendment, and property ownership and other parts, but we have to be very careful.