I have read many similar articles recirculated for a long time , same thing , no pictures , just a lot of talk . The fact that the public is still brainwashed from the cold war era and fear conditioned about Russia in general , its pathetic . Stop drinking the kool aid . What difference what nationality they are if they are here ? if it were Nicaraguans , Peruvians , Germans , would people still have the same reaction ?…………………but then again all the bullshitters pick Russians because they know it will get a reaction …………I would be more worried about Chinese or another Asian people on our soil , they dont value human life the same way western people do . Considering the present political conditions between the west and the east right now ………….I would highly doubt that at this particular time . Another thing is that joint training is not unusual , even with non-NATO countries , they also host our troops for training exercises , its just that the public is not all that aware of it when its here .

But like I said , foreign troops on our soil doesnt look good , who cares where they are from . I wouldn’t even like the Brits here , those people have never done us any favors either . How many YEARS have we all been hearing about this kind of thing ? Think about it ……….and like you mentioned , in all that time , not one picture , or source coming forward with a name or any documents to prove anything . Its like the boy that cried wolf  on way too many survivalist sites . If it is , it is , …..if its not , its not , either way , nobody is coming forward with hard evidence to prove their story . Which makes it the same old tired story ……………Like you , I want to see proof of some kind ……..but they dont have any do they ?   Just Sayin .