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Well, I was thinking about this after I posted and ended up accepting a friend’s offer of a free little pony and cart. Not that I need something else to take care of/feed – but it’s a little pony and only 4 years old but has been trained/used to pull a small cart/wagon around for her grandkids which are now too big. I thought…hmmm…why not? I too am getting older and what a perfect thing to have to drag stuff about the place/in the garden/orchard if the ATV is too big or out of commission.

Already have issues with my hands and replaced door handles and openers with easy to operate ones requiring less grip. And have been using DeckOver to add anti-slip to different areas that tend to get slick when wet. (Taking a break now from doing more – stuff reeks terribly) I realized that many of the things I have been doing all along in my preps are geared to doing things the simplest, less physically demanding way – even if it takes a bit more work or a little bit more expense. I guess I was thinking sub-consciously I’ll be glad I did one day.

I’ve also put in ramps where they would be useful someday (and today as well) and been collecting crutches and other helpers (I know there will be lots of others that will be glad one day)

Most of the members of our group that end up here will be much younger than I am, so – I expect they will reap the benefit of my planning and I hope things will be easier on them. Knowledge I know will be something I can offer in several areas, mostly growing and preserving food; animal husbandry and the like – and I’m a pretty fair shot, and a better than average planner (I like to think)