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Selco wrote:

“Sure Tsar, no need to be sorry about anything, I am here for reading other opinions too.

That seems to be the truth. For instance, many people think America caused the USSR to collapse and thus “win” the cold war, even though the USSR was being destroyed more from the inside.

Some people think that too about falling of former Yugoslavia, and it was same, fall started much before with very bad economic solutions. Other things complicated everything and bring to culmination.”

While this deals more with the nationalities issue in the Soviet Union, I find it worth nothing that in the particular region my relatives lived in, football riots were actually expressions of religious and ethnic conflict (though it was never reported as such!). Yet those riots remained relatively small scale, and did not destabilize society as a whole. It was not until 1988 when the violence became really serious, and started turning into a civil war. Even then, that process took a 3-4 years to turn into a full blown civil war.We know America has a lot of racial violence already, but most of it seems pretty small scale, and a lot of people still seem to get along OK.

I wonder what the breaking point might be for my country, since it seems race relations (among all the other relations like social class, region, and religion) are usually getting worse these days, not better.