My experience is with the AN-PVS5 and the AN-PVS7 series night vision goggles. Also some dedicated NV weapon scopes.

NV will give you a decided tactical advantage at night, but your depth perception will be wonky until you learn to adapt. The 7’s are big-time expensive.

The rule of thumb is the higher the GEN, the higher the resolution and the sharper the image is/father you can see. If I were you, and I wanted to invest in NV equipment, I wouldn’t mess with anything less than GEN3 stuff. The way technology is advancing, if you don’t invest in something good, it will be obsolete fairly quickly. There’s GEN 3, GEN 3+ and GEN 4. Don’t even bother with GEN 4. You can’t afford it. And if you can, will you buy me one, too? :)

There are workarounds. You can get a sight like a NV-compatible sight from EO Tech with a magnifier, and then a good pair of NV goggles. Or, you could invest in a decent dayscope for your rifle and then purchase a NV add-on. These go on the end of the scope and turn your dayscope into a night vision scope. I hear they work fairly well. Downside is they’re pricey and heavy, bulky… but, they do the job. Size the unit decreases, the price increases…

I’ll try and find you a good source for NV stuff… one caveat – stay away from the cheap Russian NV equipment. They just increase the gain in their scopes to make them brighter, but the tradeoff is you burn out your intensifier tube quickly… not worth the headache.

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