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To get rid of “gamey” taste try using some cut apples peeled when stewing or roasting with water in bottom of the pot it lessens the intensity, just dont eat the apple slices.


For most part in past we take only the prime  cuts form the hog and rest gets ground and mixed with other wild game into tasty sausages.


We have alot of them  here locally too them make for good  eating and the flavor of the meat varies  from the local area and diet it was eating. ones that have been eating nuts and in orchards are prized as well as happy farmers that you are ridding of nuisance.


Just be careful the ones here  can charge  and dig up trees quite easily  and lighter calibres sometimes lack stopping power for a one shot kill. each year someone get gored  by them   most dont die but leaves some  pretty horrific scars. definitely not a solo hunt kind of thing  up here.