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There are lots of people out there that appear normal but definitely will not be when they stop taking their medications – even though they are not in jail now. I have known customers that took the help you stop smoking drug Chantix (sp?) that have stabbed their husbands and kids; people who decided to stop taking their Prozac (it is amazing how many Americans take that drug and act like it is normal – it has become so common place) and go crazy scarey weird.

I got a call from a young girl employee (high school) one night last year for help. Her mother, a manic-depressive, bi-polar etc had stopped her meds for some reason. When I got there the lady was like catatonic and was using a screwdriver and knives to heavily carve up patterns all over the expensive mahogany furniture. I got the young girl into my car calmed down and went back in to call the cops and she had lit the curtains in the living room on fire. Two other younger kids were asleep upstairs in the house. Wealthy family. Totally freaky.