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Getting involved is highly dangerous, in the past, domestic disputes were the number one reason for cops to get injured.

Tolik I carry 99% of the time as well, but unless there is a definitive threat to life I can’t draw the weapon (under current law).  Selco is right on about minding you own business.

One day driving in a rough part of Philadelphia just as I entered an intersection, I heard a gun shot. Looking in my rear view mirror I see a guy holding a pistol over his head. I thought he was shooting into the sky. I keep driving and looking in the mirror at the same time as he runs into the street firing the pistol. He held the gun over his head and shot like shooting over a fence. He is shooting down the street to my left at a cop car. I just kept going, expecting cops to respond to the shooting.  Nothing happened,  no sirens,  no cop cars,  nothing at all. Just one old lady ducking as she walked toward the corner. The only thing I could have done would have been to get myself arrested.