I think its important that you do as much as you can , especially these days , it isn’t the 1950’s anymore , people today will stab or shoot you , the idea of a fist fight has long past , do it full blast or not at all is todays theory . I do agree with Freedom when it comes to women , chivalry is not dead ………but the perp might be , as I take advantage of Arizona’s liberal gun carry laws and am armed at all times .

Kind of funny , my Russian sweety was dating me for over a year when she finally noticed that I was packin , she asked me how long I had been doing that , I told her for many years now ………..she said , I never knew you had a gun on you , I cant tell …………I told her that was the whole point , dont advertise . Interesting , most Europeans dont get it  or understand it , I have explained it to her several times , on many levels , she is starting to understand the 2nd amendment now  .