About two week ago, one night, my dog kept on barking outside. I got up and told him to be quiet. He normally listens, but after a minute he started again.
Then we heard a woman scream. I told my brother, we do not get involved while opening the door. With my dog following us quietly, we went to the gate and saw a black man struggling with a black woman in the road. She kept on screaming and saying No and let me go. I immediately screamed at him – Hey! Let her go Now!. He immediately turned towards me.. I saw the glimpse of a long shiny object in the full moon.

My dog started barking. At about 3 meters he seems to notice my brother -hand very close to his hip -next to me. He stopped. By that time we where both behind the wall. I screamed at him that the police will be here soon. I caught a glimpse of her running and him following… Few seconds later we were back in the house. My brother said- let it go. It was quiet outside. That night laying in bed a thought about the shiny object in his hands … Was it a 9 mm or a knife.? Did she get away? And how stupid I was putting our lives in danger.