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I have been lucky no POS guns, some i own are expensive  some are cheap, I generally find best way to  not get POS even in cheap ones is to research first. Most long service  military rifles  are both durable and accurate  and since produced in mass numbers fairly cheap.  To gt into cheap range look for ww2 battle rifles you can find deals on some of them and find at estate sales  brought home by grand dad stuff needs tlc but works well.


The one exception to the long serving is the m16 rifle. the ar 15 platform is good now but  you should really do homework before getting one.

If you want plain functionality hard to beat a good revolver darn simple  speed loaders will help  reload and  almost impossible to break under normal  circumstances. it also  like malgus says  slows your shooting knowing you have 6 and they have 10+ usually makes you take your time