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Personally, I think that whomever runs the world and Mother Nature have their own plans…and they will remind this nation and the world what infinitesimal specs we humans are; and, if we are fortunate enough, give us one last chance to learn to get a long with each other. I think Mother Nature and God’s plan for this planet are, for the most part, discounted by most ‘preppers’. (and I am not talking about ‘global warming’). The earth is a living thing/planet and has it’s own destiny.

I am not so pessimistic as you all seem to be. Nor, do I feel separate from my fellow Americans as Malgus does. I have lived all over the country and have found people I identify with wherever I go. Much shall depend on the next President and what happens with the Senate races for the near term. But should God and Mother Nature choose to continue to escalate the natural calamities across this nation (and the world) we might yet learn/or relearn (as the case may be) what stuff we are made of. We’ll see.

You can dissect, comment, rail all one wants but I never hear of anyone ever stepping up and stepping forward with concrete plans much less the leadership to rally folks together and DO something about it. It’s easy to just blame ‘them’ and the PTB. My 2 cents that are worth a penny