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1974, I had an Cuban accountant years ago and he told me that Castro was stupid because he though that he had the best system of communism. I asked him why! Well he said the best communist system in the world is here! I said What! Then he went on to tell me why, he said here they tax you on what you make, then they tax you when you buy something again, and they have hidden taxes too like the gas tax that no one knows they are paying. Then they tax you for life on your properties and if you do not pay they can take it from you.

If you do not pay income tax the put you in jail. They make you think you are free so you make more money investing so they can tax you again.

Then he ended by saying Castro is only a dictator that makes money from taking it but his people do not product money for him to tax and keep taxes for life.

I am always thinking about what he said to me 15 years ago. We are made to believe that we own things but all we are is renters that pay taxes for the rest of our life.