Rowan McDirk
Rowan McDirk

Very good article, you touch a lot of important points.

The only sparring that counts is against stronger, more experienced opponents. If you are attacked your opponent will be stronger due to his build, surprise or drugs. We have an exercise in self defense, one person stands eyes closed surrounded by other persons walking around. One of the walkers attacks, hit with a gloved fist, kick, push, stab with a knife. As soon as the person in the middle feels contact (s)he can open her/his eyes and react according to the situation.

I trained when being ill (<span class=”hps”>diarrhea)</span> or being very tired. When having <span class=”hps”>diarrhea</span> my body adjusted and kept everything in, the sparring went fine though afterwards I could have slept instantly. I notice when training when very tired I am slower and make more mistakes. But a predator will usually attach you when you are weak or ill so they have less risk.

I use my self defense training only as technical training. I train strength (bodyweight) and cardio at home. In the pauses of my strength training I practice shooting with an airsoft pistol.

I work 12 hour shifts, day, night, week, weekend. After some 12 hour nightshifts I had to stay awake due to emergencies or social obligations. I can, but I won’t be able to do hard work. If I get home after a nightshift I sleep for 5 hours, wake up and work out. It sounds hard but it is all in the mind, the first 10 minutes are rough, than the body adjusts. Having a kid also helps being tired a lot…

I have been dehydrated once due to illness. It was impossible to think or act. I’ll try not to drink water for 24 hours, I think it will be hell.

About killing animals. I raise chickens, hens for eggs, cocks for meat. I don’t like killing the birds, it’s like it takes away a bit of humanity. But I enjoy being able to eat my own poultry and feed my family. The two balance each other out.