74, free, wild, and the rest of y’all..

I guess my pessimism got the best of me. But in my defense, I did say the following:

Yes, there are patriots, true “Americans” amongst their ranks, but I’ve pretty much written off everything from the Ohio River on up… I’ve lived up there before for a blessedly short time. But long enough to realize I was right all along.

I ain’t backing down from that. Do I lump you all in with the socialists and the douchebags? Of course not. There are folks who are either patriots, got their head screwed on correctly or salvageable who live there, but come on… you all know as well as I do that Commiefornia and New England are lost. So are other places, like Barackistan (Chicago), Detoilet, etc. For me to state what everyone else is thinkin’ isn’t “stereotyping”… and I saw what happened to Seattle and Denver firsthand.

Have I been the butt of ridicule from Yankees? Yep. More often than not. Met some cool folks up North, but not enough to convince me that the majority aren’t walking around with the mindset of those who ridiculed me.

Sorry if I stepped on any of y’alls toes, but it’s how I feel. I’d rather y’all be pissed at me for an honest unflinching opinion than for me to be a phony…

Did I stereotype? Erm… no. Correction… I did stereotype… I’m gonna have to own that. But someone is gonna have to explain to me where I’m wrong… .

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1