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wildartist I think that they are trying to do the same to Nevada.

Freedom, they are trying to do it in many places.  While we lived in Idaho, the influx from California drove land and house prices through the roof.  That’s one reason we moved to Oklahoma.  We still pay over $1100 per year here in real estate taxes, on a tiny lot and older home in a poor run-down neighborhood.  That’s almost $100 per month or we lose our home… while the people on welfare pay no taxes.  Grrrr….

That was one great thing about Alaska–no real estate taxes if you were lucky enough to live outside a village or organized borough (they are annexing everything around them however).  (And private land is hard to find.)

Taxes, regulations, judge’s rulings that “interpret” our Constitution, a pres that writes “executive orders” circumventing our elected representatives…all ways of stealing our God-given rights and freedoms.  Oppressing us into slavery.  Give me liberty or give me death!  (Patrick Henry)