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I believe the fracturing started a long time ago. It is the old divide and conquer trick. First it was the civil rights movement(not that that one was bad). Then came dems and repubs. Now we are seeing a ramp up of seperations on multiple fronts, Immigration, elite and poor, as well as Christian and non. The views that don’t line up with the PTB are vilified and demonized.

A house divided cannot stand. They keep splitting smaller and smaller and pretty soon no one group is strong enough to resist by themselves. It will take a proverbial slap in the face to jolt people awake and make them take a hard look at what differences really matter. Unfortunately I believe that slap will be a collapse and it will take a lot of bloodshed before people wake up. It will be one hell of a battle to regain freedom. If there is a collapse I believe the states with mild climates will fare the best.

Crops will be easier to grow during the winter and it won’t take as many resources to heat homes. Getting in the shade when its 100 degrees outside makes more difference than sitting in the sun at 20 below.