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Go to a MMA academy and spar a little, I think that will help.

After you get taken down and dominated by a 6 month Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt the confusion on what to do next will be eliminated.

Better than training kung fu or Karate for 5 years, and then still get taken down by 6-12 month white belt.

That 6-12 month white belt will often do the same thing to your instructor unless he also trains BJJ.

The strength and conditioning is also invaluable, your cardio will be on another level from the average guy who trains martial arts or lifts weights or runs. Your pain tolerance will be well beyond the average person if you can come and train every day.

Also lift weights and get strong, don’t settle for weakness.

Muay Thai is a good counterpart to BJJ, you will learn to hit hard, take hits and deal with all kinds of attacks. Other than that not much out there that has not been over run by women, children and skinny PC nerds.

Kali is a good idea for weapons if you carry baton or knife but the empty hand training is almost useless and in my area very little time is offered, the training is little contact and no conditioning.

It is only effective because weapons are inherently effective and any small skill you have will amplify that.

Those guys in the Philippines really fight each other, like MMA with weapons, that’s a whole other thing. If dog brothers style training is offered I’d do that if you enjoy pain.

The closer to real fighting and resistance you can get the better.