Hey, Malgus, I was born in NJ, grew up on a farm where we could see the lights of NYC to the north if I climbed the hill.  Then the exodus started from the city, and things changed forever.

Please don’t lump me in with the left-wingers.  I have nothing in common with them.  That is probably why I don’t live there any more…it was sad to see the subdivisions pollute and ruin our ice-cold spring-fed trout stream.  And then they put up houses on the farmlands, so closely you could barely get your lawnmower between them.  What people joke about as the “Joisey” accent is NOT original to the state.  And neither is liberalism.

They pushed us out with taxes and my Dad had to sell.  The PTB did that so they could ‘develop’ all that prime empty land.  Now where are people going to grow crops when things go down???  The Garden State farmlands are covered in concrete, asphalt, shopping malls, and subdivisions.  Sorry for the rambling…