I saw an interesting movie , I dont fully speak Russian , so a lot was lost on me , but it was a true story , I was about the people in an insane asylum , Dont know what country they were in , but for awhile , everything was fine , then a civil war broke out , and first the Russians came and used part of the building for a command post , then they left , then the Rebels came and did the same thing , the staff had long sense bugged out , leaving all the crazies to their own devices .

The Russians and Rebels started fighting , while all the crazies were in the middle of it all , not understanding …..a few died , when order was restored , some of the staff came back and started the meds again . THis happened a lot in WW2 as well , as the war started going bad for the Germans , the allies were finding nut houses full of people left on their own . Most of the time , nobody had any idea what to do with them .