I suppose the question I want to ask is, how do you think America will break up? Northern states vs Southern ones? Total free for all of states? Regions becoming nations like Cascadia or New England? Or something else?

The Northern States can do whatever they want, as far as I’m concerned. Yes, there are patriots, true “Americans” amongst their ranks, but I’ve pretty much written off everything from the Ohio River on up… I’ve lived up there before for a blessedly short time. But long enough to realize I was right all along.

Those of us in the South are better off going it alone. We will be diminished economically and not without problems, but then, we’re used to it.

As another question, do any of you living in the “northern” half of the US (meaning north of California in the west, and north of Virginia in the east) feel any cultural ties to people on the other side? Do any of you still think that a union of the “northern” (meaning not “Confederate” and “Mexamerica”) states is possible?

I know you posed this question to the Yankees, but permit me the leeway of an answer. The answer is “no”. Those in the North have nothing in common with us and I feel no allegiance to them whatsoever. Totally different cultures, and those up North usually look down their noses at us, sneering at us and thinking we’re all ignorant, toothless, shoeless hayseeds skunked on our own liquor and guilty of having relations with the female members of our family.

They have thought this way for a very, very long time and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. The only Yankees I know are those who come down here to exploit our cheap land prices to build their shitty stripmalls and become slumlords… Where we used to live was surrounded by horse farms and green rolling fields. Within 5 years, it became urban blight for miles… strip malls, check cashing places, hair and nail salons, Walmarts, fast food joints, Section 8 housing… it just became a really trashy, dangerous place to live. All due to carpetbagger land developers. Land too expensive to exploit where you live? Head south and exploit those rubes… thanks, Yankees.

So we left all that mess behind and moved to the middle of nowhere an hour away… If it were up to me and I were Governor, I would assemble teams of workers, give them all bulldozers and shovels and raze that crap to the ground, turn it back into horse farms, cattle farms, grow tobacco, corn, etc. And make those damn Yankees pay for every bit of it.

Just some thoughts through my mind. I figure we could still be a big power nation if we kept the Northern half, with its 100+ million people.

You’re welcome to it. I shook the dust from my feet a long time ago. I will never go back up there.

I mean are English speaking people in Washington state and Oregon, really that different from people in, New York (state) and Ohio?

Yes. Folks tend to congregate near others like them. They self-segregate. It’s human nature. Over time, folks gravitate to those most like themselves, so now you’ve got not only separate regions of the country, but each region has developed it’s own distinct culture. That the New England states have thrown away their birthright as the “cradle and birthplace of liberty” is their business. They want to be socialist lickspittles? That’s on them. I’d rather be poor and ragged, but free, than live like that.

As far as the western states? Can’t speak for them. The only two places out west I got experience with are Seattle and Denver. Both of which used to be pretty cool places until some halfwit wrote in some magazine that Seattle was “the best place to live and work in the US!”… Overnight, about a million douchebags from Southern California moved to Seattle. Now it’s just as screwed up as Southern California. They just swamped and overwhelmed the locals, completely changing the political landscape for the worse. Same thing happened to Denver. Denver used to be a fairly small cow-town state capitol. It rocked. Now? Now it’s called “The Moscow of the West”. Same reason. About a million douchebags from SoCal showed up, followed by another million or so illegals…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1