@ Whirlibird, Eagle

I don’t watch much news. Just enough to see whether there are any signals of impending collapse, like the stock market doing weird things, food lines, bank runs, etc.. we’re far enough away from anyone that I don’t really have to worry about the short term. We have stocks of food, ammo, some meds, water, silver, some worthless fiat currency, etc.. I just like to keep abreast of things. But mixed in with what I’m looking for are often stories that really get under my skin… police abuses, crony judges destroying what little we got left, the relentless march of the Free **** Army, the sodomites, our modern Visigoths, the inner city “yoofs” targeting white people, and the super-wealthy doing whatever they want and getting away with it – especially the banksters and their former employees in positions of power in the Government…

It’s just infuriating. Perhaps I should just go get a beer and some popcorn and enjoy watching the End of Western Civilization… best action movie ever, I bet…

It’s just the betrayal, ya know? I believed, really, really believed in the ideals set down by the Founders. Believed in the Republic. That the US was the light. Only once in 6,000 years of human history has anything like the US ever existed, and when we go down, we’re going to take everyone else with us. And I spent a significant portion of my adult life doing the bidding of the Republic and all that that includes…

And now? Now, I feel played for a fool. That it was all for nothing. Not because of the original intent of the Framers or the Constitution, but because of the actions of evil men who have warped the system – bent it to their will. I was sold a bill of goods, used, and the pieces of **** who used me and thousands of guys just like me? Those guys get gold-plated retirements and are breath-takingly wealthy. They get off scott free. That ain’t right. That ain’t justice.

And it chafes. Burns me to the bone. And I feel that old, cold fury rising again…

I heard once that the definition of “Stress” was the feeling of not being able to choke the **** out of some ******* who deserves it… Yeah, it’s something like that.

@ Eagle

In a total breakdown of society, accepting your mortality does help. Some situations can be resolved, but there will come a time you face an adversary who will defeat you.

The secret of life is “it ends”. Brother, after what I’ve been through in my life, I feel like I’m living in the Bonus Round. Death is sort of an old friend by now… I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not dying well. The only thing I’ve asked for is that my son survive the evil that’s coming and that when the time comes, that I am allowed to die well. I know it will happen, but I’m praying that my enemies, even though they hate me, will still write of me with grudging respect.

I still have my ancestors to face… how can I go before them and explain that I did not fight teeth and claws, to the last breath? That I didn’t sell myself dearly?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1