Thats how it will start , but the thing is , we are already are different people with the ununifying illusion of a common flag , and as” Americans “. Deep down inside we all know this is a lie , we are already separate people , each region of the country could be a different nation right now , Stinking northeastern yankees dont think the same way as a Westerner does , they dont have the same values or priorities , this is true of the other regions as well , the demographic make up is different as well . I do indeed think the nation will break up , the sooner , the better in my book . The US will still exist , but my guess is it will be primarily the North east , only because the preservation of the union is of overwhelming importance to those people , While other parts of the nation will form their own nation because personal freedom and liberty are more important than preservation of the union  ( again the differences that already exist in thinking ) .

One thing that you cant ignore is human nature , Humans will ban together in the same tribe when hard times hit , this is normal and natural , the tribe can be anything from like thinking people , religious beliefs , racial lines , etc . …Countries do the same thing .

The results of the Soviet Union breaking up ended up to be a very positive thing for the Russian people , they are better off today than they have ever been . The United States in its present condition serves no one , its like the slop paint bucket  that you dump all your left over paint , all mixed together , into a political , ideological , demographic pile of sludge nobody wants . A break up here will also do the people a world of good in the long run as well .