Thanks Whirlibird. Did not know about uncyclopedia. Well, most off it is not true. Nobody uses “G’day mate” in South Africa. I think people greet that way in Australia. Unfortunately being proud of my country, it sort of makes me sad. The article touches on the truth but is not at all correct.
The government is incompetent – and the black people does kill each other is the cruelest ways possible like stoning or burning a rapist to death. Xenophobia do exits because there is no control at the borders. But that is also actually not so funny, because with millions of people without work the crime rate goes up. The saddest part is that some black people believe that they can cure HIV by raping a child.

Most of South Africa is still functioning better than the rest of Africa because we simply make things work. We have always worked together. Black and white, colored or Indian.

We’ve got a saying ” Africa is a tough country” Our trees has got thorns, but it is beautiful trees.