Young people will always be same, there can be done something yes, but it need to be your kids, and work with them from very young age.

Every age have benefits, where I was eager to go 20 years ago now I will think and rethink about going, and check and recheck my stuff.

Where I was saved years ago because my strength and speed and lot of luck I ll use my experience today.
When SHTF I will call myself survivor by counting the days that I survive, not by counting the fights that I won.
I agree that there is time when you must fight, but somehow there is a feeling that lot of people think that everything is about using vilence.
It is simply wrong, because eventually as more you use it, there is more chance to lose. — Selco

I hear ya. I work with my boy, same as my own daddy worked with me… I’m hoping that my boy didn’t inherit the stubborn streak I inherited from my father. That bullheaded German stubbornness… (I bag on Germans, but who can recognize character flaws better than one of your own? :) )

My daddy tried to teach me, but I was one of those sorts that had to go find out for myself that, yes, fire is hot and sticking your hand in it is generally a bad idea… now, you and I will use experience instead of youth, strength and speed. Which is, I think, the way it has been since time began…

We have a saying, Selco. “Experience and treachery will beat youth and strength every time.”

The problem over here in the US is that the younger generations have been brought up on a culture of violence. They literally do not have the emotional tools to deal with the hardships life throws at them, and therefore will resort to the only thing they know – violence. It is one thing to have a moral society and then have them go to war… the morality is still there. It is another to have an amoral society from the beginning. They have no moral compass, and so are capable of anything. I made a joke about them being modern Visigoths, but they are in every sense of the word barbarians…

I agree that not everything can be solved by violence. But I also think that sometimes right and wrong have nothing to do with it – you just do what you have to do.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1