I think it is natural, there always gonna be young 19 years old people, who believe in some things, who want to be heroes, I feel sorry for most of them when SHTF next time. – Selco


All young men need their particular war to fight. Now, I don’t mean they actually need a war, but actually a way to prove themselves in the male hierarchy, to gain respect from other males and also themselves. I was no different. Young, eager, enthusiastic, motivated and zero experience. Combination of dumb luck and a bunch of guys just like me backing me up is the only reason I’m still here to write this…

I’m hoping that when the SHTF, the youngsters will listen to us, Selco… always too eager to race into the ****, and they end up with their ass in a crack…

Got a story for you as well, Selco.. .

There’s two bulls on top of a hill – one old and one young. At the bottom of the hill are a bunch of cows…
The young bull says to the old bull “Hey old man! Let’s run down this hill and each *&#% one of them cows down there!”
The old bull looks at the young one and says “I got a better idea. Why don’t we walk down this hill and *&#% all of them..”

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1