Good article Toby. Being prepared and having knowledge to do things, like shooting, hunting, making fire etc. under the let s say normal condition is completely different then doing all that under the huge stress.
In almost all my articles I am trying to make that point. Of course it is impossible to train in real condition, but it is possible to bring that condition to the point as real as it can be.

For example you can read on lot of sites calculations how much time man can live without water, for example seven days.

Think about situation when you are forced to shoot- fight every day, go out for scavenging, walk 8 miles every day while having bad case of diarrhea. So do you think that you could do all that for seven days without water?

I do not think so, real life SHTF is hard living.

Emotional stress (and you are gonna be under a lot emotional stress) will impact you on many ways, your usual performances may go very low because that. How you gonna cope with fear, or anger.
How you gonna react and judge dangerous situations when you lost member of your family?

As I said, you can not train some things, you can only imagine it.

But as mentioned in article, volunteering in hospital in some poor countries (for example) can clear you some things, you can hear screams, you can see fear, feel desperation, smell blood. It is real, not movie.
It can clear some things for you.