Perhaps not so awesome , the more it gets around , the more trolls will come ….Just sayin .

Freedom , a G3 is an FAL variant or at least strongly based off it . Good weapons , I have an FAL , I love it , it took me a long time to find the right one , as well as one without an inflated price . I have seen several G3 s at gun shows , for me , I didnt like them because I felt they were way too heavy compared to the original FAL , which seems to weigh about half as much and has a built in bipod . I had dreams of owning a FN Scar 17 , but other than the high price , I didnt like the fatness of it . I have read more than once by people that have trained with the Scar , that its like running with a big catfish in your hands ………that was about the only complaint , but a valid one .