Malgus, there’s no stopping any SHTF situation.

There’s a line from a cowboy movie I have taken to heart. One character turns to another and asks how he is doing. The reply, better since I gave up hope.

One can hope and pray but if its going to happen, its going to happen, regardless of our desires.

What we can do is try to mitigate and contain the personal damage. After that, its doen to luck and location.

Me, I have no faith or trust in our elected leaders. I have given up on them, I feel much better now.

I gave up on much of the mainstream media, the repititious bs that is pandered as news.  Now, I don’t watch much news, I have a few sources, but even them I don’t monitor like a hawk. I feel much hetter now.

If SHTF dramaticaly, I won’t need the news to know about it.  If it isn’t dramatic,  I can deal with it at a normal pace.

Slow economic grind? I have time. Red Dawn scenario?  Highly unlikely so I’m not going to worry about it.