: ) Hehe Very good, Malgus. The Almighty God belongs to all the nations. And everybody need to decide for himself why he is hurting or killing another. For the money the government is paying him to do it? There is a time for everything. And so many things we do not understand. There’s a lot of good people and really bad people in every nation on our planet.

If you look at all the signs around you. The people begging for money on every street corner. The eyes of your employees if they ask to work more shifts.
When people know they are doing things the wrong way, You try to explain it – you try to stop it – are then you get really cross and angry You simply pick up the Bible and so many places it will show you That He understands how you are feeling. Still no harm in thinking I’m a bird and to see myself flying high up in the sky to a beautiful peaceful place (… with maybe no humans)