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Bugging In:

One because I don’t have a second property, and two I think anywhere else will have similar issues to solve.  It there is no EMP theoretically a person could easily drive 1000 in a day. So if the population starts to move there will be no “oasis” as long as there are roads that go to your spot.

The plan is to defend:

Use of flanking maneuvers combined with preset firing positions/lanes and other defensive installations. This allows us to shoot run – shoot as needed and not become trapped and or out flanked.  We are using the house as a movement channeling device creating firing lanes on each side. Anyone that gets into the house will be SOL with no place to hide, plus bobby traps. Sentries and other perimeter devices will be employed to prevent ambushes and sneak attacks.

If we have to run:

I’m moving everything I can into a cargo van that will be hidden and positioned for escape. No path will be available to other vehicles to follow.  I have a series of logging paths and farm lanes to use to bypass my own planned road blocks.  I have some short term hiding places not to far from home. We will reorganize using the van as a storage/base.  We each have a bicycle that we can fall back to if forced away from the van or is otherwise incapacitated.  We can return to the house after it is all clear or play king of the hill.

Bugging Out: There has to be a good reason to go far and not it until the population was settled a bit.

I’m not certain how this event would present itself but we have alternative route options mostly to go south toward warmer weather. We could go north or west but what would be the advantage?  I’m figuring cars will not be involved for a multitude of reasons.

I expect a lot of nighttime moves maybe on foot or small boats (concealable by day).  Boats are a real problem if seen, you are literally a sitting duck on the water. However water provides some areas inaccessible to most people and offers foraging opportunities as well as fish, foul and game that are not combined inland. Canoes and other small boats can carry big loads that would be impossible to move on foot.  There are a lot of it depends on ………….unknown.

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