Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Oh without a doubt there will be some gorgeous pieces of military engineering brought out, back into their glory. Hopefully in good guy hands lol.

As an aside, I mentioned in a thread a while back about a shooting that happened here in Newfoundland a few months ago, where the guy used an AK47. We can’t legally get our hands on those, but obviously as we saw in that incident, there are criminal elements of our society that DO have them and DO use them. With that said I figured it might be wise to get a general idea as to how to weapon works, how to operate it, etc., because you never know what you could find out in the space.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of downloadable PDF files on different weapon systems that goes over everything you’d want and need to know. Maybe it’d be wise to look about for some if you don’t already have any (or some hard copies, which is always preferred).

Other things like claymores, grenades, C4 an other types of explosives, Carl Gustavs, basically whatever hardware your nations military and police have, you should have a general idea about it, as well as some foreign military’s weapons.

Not saying that you need to know this stuff, but it might come in handy should you find, for example, a few shot up trucks carrying what looks like some cartel guys who have some PKM’s mounted on the vehicles and they each have MP5’s or whatever. Or knowing the capabilities of such weapon systems should they be brought to bear against YOU.

Just a few thoughts.

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