Couple things to think about…

1. Ever been to Knob Creek? I’ve gone several times, as its reasonably close to our farm. Everything at those shoots is privately owned. The vast majority of the “good stuff” (defined as “not stamped sheet metal trash”) is owned by fairly wealthy, pro-Constitution type people. Professionals. Engineers, Doctors, etc.. whoever those guys team up with for defense are going to be very, very lucky…

2. Back during WWI, American troops were allowed to bring back battlefield trophies, including belt-fed, water cooled, tripod mounted HMG’s. Like the Maxim gun. Also smaller, portable MG’s, like the MG15 and early SMG’s… We had almost a million guys in Europe during and after the war, and you were allowed to send back whatever you wished. Plenty of transit cases came back from France with Maxim and Lewis guns in them… when NFA34 came along and they tried their little prohibition through taxation trick, almost nobody registered those old relics from WWI that their Uncle brought home..

They said nothing and basically left those old transit cases in their attics and basements… to this day, they are still there. Thousands and thousands of them…

Let the SHTF, and I wager things that have not seen the light of day since 1918 will be brought out in all their glory…. :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1