Another couple we visited north of The Circle made one paid bush plane trip to Fairbanks per year, met all their medical and dental needs in a couple of days, shopped for groceries for the year, and went back home.  They would carry the perishables with them (had a community generator in their village so had a freezer) on the flight back, but mailed themselves all the non-perishables.  It arrived in a few days on the US Mail Plane…

It used to be interesting for us to go to Sam’s Cub (a warehouse type grocery outlet with bulk groceries) and see people in from the bush, loading up their carts with goods from civilization…homesteaders, trappers, hunting guides, Inuits and Athabascans, the whole gamut.

I would love to see and experience this. It can get pretty harsh and lonely out there, I have huge respect for these kind of people.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")