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Leopard – if I were young again and had not traveled widely and had my adventures I would not be able to imagine not being able to visit a shop any time I wanted – or go anywhere I wanted. But now? I can definitely see the beauty in rarely leaving my little farm and the area immediately around me. Small-scale farming and self-sufficiency even at the level I practice now takes lots of time – andI enjoy it more than I ever would have imagined. Heavy public contact over the years for work had made me not so eager to seek out just any other random humans company.

‘Now I know how hard I will have to work all of the time. I probably can only do half the work I could 20 or 30 years ago, and it’s not like I’m fat and out of shape. I want the advantage of machinery and powered tools. Using a pit saw to make boards or cultvating a field with a hoe are not In my plans. I am going to figure out how to make things run. -‘

But I agree with 1974 and Freedom. The irony is I am not as young as I used to be – yet I have no intention of living a hard scrabble existence if I can possibly help it when SHTF which is the most time consuming part of my own preps.Even ifyou have like-minded people in your ‘group’, not all are willing to start ‘practicing’ ‘the life’ very thoroughlynow – sadly.

They are mostly much younger so they don’t have the same sense of urgency/same sense of how time really does pass so quickly. Most of those that I know that rae preparing with any sense of urgency/dogged persistence are close to 50 and older. So I proceed thinking how to accomplish the things I know will need to be accomplished, that i will find it harder and harder as I age (hopefully) to do on my own and with various labor saving equipment – and making as many friendships with others in my community that are older, see the same issues and planning for that.

And, although I understand you don’t want your property to ‘stick out’ – and maybe best it looks run down or something I am very proactive on accomplishing some maintenance tasks now while I can get them done – and not putting them off. And, as I can putting up appropriate repair materials for future use. Teaching myself carpentry skills too as I go along.

There is a reason our ancestors died young. Doing things only/completely by the old way wore them the hell out by 40 – and that’s with a bunch of kids to help with the labor. I plan to use technology where practical for as long as I can/then have backup plans if those technologies fail, even if it is hydro-powered, then pedal-powered or last horse powered machinery. I don’t want to spend my later years making candles. I’ll grow more or use stored oil seeds and my oil press to make oil for the lamps if the solar lights fail – hopefully. I want to thrive not simply survive. But…that takes lots of extra planning and concentration – and a network of friendships/community.