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Osagemarine- you are right! I was never in the military so I don’t have ‘tactical’ training or whatever. But I have been building relationships in our little, tiny village of other farmers/landholders and gotten at least some basic agreement that we need a plan – someone needs to have a plan around here – ‘just in case’.

We have marked the trees along the two different routes into the area that will need to be felled with round reflectors to be quickly located again. We’ve started practicing with signal flags with others even higher elevation to ‘know stuff’ we ourselves may not be able to see. A small, but critical bridge can be disabled by a bulldozer on one of our landowners properties.Most of us have already taken out gates that we used to use to move cattle that open to the road – a pain – but we use our farm lanes now because of cattle thefts some have experienced.

We go out once a month and our clearing a trail system off the road we can ride/patrol a perimeter around the village/our properties, and yes, dropping select trees (we can jump on horseback). Next is building tree stands at a few key points where we can watch important sections of road. We’re ‘officially’ promoting a community trail riding club dontcha know!