“Freedom wrote: “..the people that learn how to fix, build, plant, cook without electricity, hunt & fish,…”

I know people that have built their own house, made a road to their house in the dessert. Got goats and sheep, a tunnel with herbs and vegetables. Milking the goats and making their own cheese. Making powder  from extra  eggs; and flour with hand mill from wheat, corn and oats. Fishing from the river. Pumping water from the river that’s being used for the house, animals and vegetables.  Flash toilets  – water runs with gravity Fixing their own vehicle and everything else on the farm.
One solar panel for some basic stuff like ham radio. (no cellular phone reception, no television, no internet)
They’ve been living like that for 8 years now… With all their experience and everything in place – They are worried about the global economy.  Not being able to just sell a goat to replace a part of their water pump … needing to go back to basics and use a wheelbarrow to water their vegetable garden. Or not being able to fix a vehicle for lack of parts – and walk 100 km to town. They are planning on buying two donkeys (eat less than horses)

Can you imagine? Only visiting a shop every two to three months. Not being able speak to other people for so many weeks at a time.  The funny part is- If things go really bad and some bad people decide to kill them and take their perfect ‘survival setup’ – The bad people will die very soon, because they will not be able to keep the plants alive. The baboons might kill the young livestock. You need knowledge and experience and the right state of mind to survive the harsh climate..