I do not hate technology, actually I like it, I hate that some people think it can save them from some things but that is other thing completely.

But point is that I am trying to be ready for the day when most of that technology will be gone, in second probably. For how long it will be gone? I do not know, but I am think for very long time.

My experience without technology was very short in historic terms, and it was on very small area in geographic terms, but trust me for me an other people there it was not easier because that.
We still lost all “technology” stuff in days, and it turn our lives upside down. When you lose functioning of everyday things like toilet, refrigerator, car, heating, light and everything else suddenly you realized that it is going to be very hard to live.

My point is that we need to learn to live “on old ways” no matter what we think how long it is gonna be, how serious etc. Even few days it is bad.

I agree with Husky, people rely too much on technology, as I said I like technology, but I chose what I want from it, I do not want to be depended on technology, i do not want that technology become my “God”.
And I always want to know how I could done things when that technology is gone.