Thats just it , we dont understand the people we are facing , and like so many other countries that failed there , they and we , underestimate the ability of the Russian people to endure hardship ……….they have done so from the beginning , you have the climate , and then the rulers on top of that , that produces some very tough people over a period of time . anything we could try to do to them is a joke , they have gone through far worse , outside the cities , many Russians dont have electricity in rural areas or plumbing , how are we going to affect that persons life ? we wont . It will be inconvenient at best on the nation as a whole , we have a disease , its called arrogant self- importance . We cant fathom that there are nations and people that dont revolve around us .

There is a saying they have ” The Russian has a very broad back ” , what they mean by that , is that they are capable of enduring great hardship and still continue on . I know first hand , that the Russians can be very warm and giving people , but they can also be very stubborn and unyielding , I love my Girl to death , but once she digs her heals in , there is no moving her . Think about a country that is that way . Just Sayin .