We are also forgetting the reverse interference factor from other nations  in a US total collapse , They could do the same to us as we have done to others . Hypothetically , they dump the dollar , we go int a crash that sparks civil war or at the least , uncontrollable chaos , they create the problem ………then offer a solution , Our government has to go , it would not be far fetched that R or C , then starts arming the rebels , and providing assistance for a faction , in return for a form of government or a government that is not hostile to them , lot of money to be made rebuilding a nation . The Chinese would want communists to take over , the Russians most likely would not , as that would not be in their financial best interests . They rejected communism , in favor of money , like I said , rebuilding a nation can make you very rich , especially if you are looked at as a friend and not an advisory .

I dont think the Europeans would want to touch our civil war with a 10 foot pole . The other two might look at it as an opportunity .