Maglus ,

Thats all they have to do to erase the US as it is now , dump the peso ….I mean dollar , they dont need a nuke or EMP , destroying our economy thoroughly is all they need to do . Any military retaliation on our part over that  would turn the world against us , as they have never fired a shot .

We would do the rest , when that happens  to our economy , I can almost guarantee a civil war breaking out , the people will be pissed and the government is the easiest to blame , hell , I can even see the country breaking up , the way the Soviet Union did , with groups of states forming their own republic . All in all , we are going down , no matter what , even if they DONT dump the dollar , our economy is going to collapse , its held together by a thread no matter what happens , even if other countries do nothing .

My take on  it , is that if they do that and crash our economy , it might actually benefit us in the long run , we would kill off some population , get rid of the government , and force self reliance and isolationism on us as a people , even a break up would be better for the people than what we have now . At least the smaller governments would be controllable by the people , and all our factions could live the way they see fit , all the commie liberals could have liberal land , constitutionalists another section , etc. it would be better . Washington might as well be Beijing , for how much that means to the average american , or how much we give a **** about those people . Would be a relief to have them gone .

Cant speak for everybody , but as a good Confederate , my country  is my family , my neighborhood , and to a lesser extent , my state ………thats where my loyalties are . The government , other states , other countries and the rest of the world , can go pound sand .