I think we’re getting off track here some… but I think that the Chinese, when they’re ready, will either dump our debt they have accumulated (thoroughly destroying our economy), hit us with multiple EMP’s via a proxy (blowing us back to the Dark Ages) or both. Yes, there is still more wealth to be siphoned away from the US, but there is more wealth to be had as the lone world superpower… Russia and China have already held meetings to discuss rolling out a new gold-backed reserve currency and also to dump US debt, effectively destroying us… they would just sit back and enjoy the carnage – never have to lift a finger. If they wanted to double down, give a few nukes to some 3rd party snackbars (of which there is no shortage) and let them biff us with an EMP or four… by the time recovery even began, I wager there would be less than 20% of our population remaining…

Edit: By the way, folks think “Oh, we’re their biggest customer and largest debtor… the Chinese would never do that”… but think of it this way – let’s say someone does biff a couple 3 or 4 nukes above the US and blows us back to the Dark Ages.. all the crap that got burned out? It has to come from somewhere, and someone has to make it and sell it to us, right? Maybe even subcontract with the US and send in teams to help refit all the burned out infrastructure, right? Well, let’s think about this… which country on earth has over a billion people, is industrialized and has the capability to make huge amounts of the stuff we would need to replace?

It would be epic. China EMP’s us via proxy, burns out our infrastructure, only to turn around and sell us the stuff we need to get back on our feet… the money they would make would be breathtaking… other than the proxy’s getting caught and talking (which is easy enough to fix – just kill them), there’s no downside for the Chinese…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1