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My 2 cents. I think the entire subject will depend on what events occur, when they occur, where they occur (and how widespread) and in what sequence. For I do think there will be sequences. I probably think more like 1974. That said however, my ‘gut’ tells me l better concentrate on learning ways to do things without electricity or reduced electric capability for some time whatever sh*t may happen. I don’t think I will be living again in the cave man era. There is too much knowledge out there. And if the knowledge is preserved, society can still once again progress.I do think that there are alternative energy sources under development, or already developed, that we don’t hear much about because it would disrupt the way things are and the income/interests of powers that be. If you think about it,our reliance on coal, gas, oil,nuclear is really archaic. Heck I knew a guy in the late ’70’s that had built and drove his own hydrogen-powered car.