Another way to go about this is to make you own Calcium acetate gell (which is what a lot of the commercial sanitizers [and some gell fuels] are).
Sound scary ? It’s not!
1. Clean dry and powder eggshells
2. Fill a jar with the strongest vinegar [ACETIC] acid that you can find or make
3. Add egg shell powder to the vinegar and shake well – leave it several days and watch it dissolve.
4. Repeat step 3 until no more egg shell will dissolve in the vinegar and leave it to settle.
5. Pour of the clear[ish] vinegar liquid and filter through a paper towel or coffee filter.
6. Dry/evapourate the filtered liquid in a small dish – it will leave a powder behind; this is you calcium acetate.
7. Add the highest strength alcohol you can get or make to the dry powder a little at a time and stir – it will form a gell you can use in a small stove or use as a hand sanitizer.

Note: the more alcohol you add the thinner the gell, also, the more water that is in the alcohol (ie the weaker the strength of your alcohol) the the thinner and runnier the gell will be.
If you can get Tea Tree oil or some other antibacterial essential oil you might add a few drops of that to your hand sanitizer (depending on your preference and OPSEC[smell carries]).

With the right oils in it, it can serve a double duty as an insect repellant too!