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For shoe laces get something called Iron lace http://www.ironlace.ca/Products i have had one set through  three sets of  hiking boots,  a friend has gone through 2 sets of work boots as a surveyor same laces.

Any type of water purification tabs

Batteries everything runs on them, even the ability to  recharge them.

Blacksmithing  for tools and repairs

alcohol is simple to make http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-still/ get a few candy thermometers to know when it changes  from methanol to ethanol. methanol is useful so long as you dont drink it. Ethyl alcohol produces Iodoform(CHI3),a yellow crystalline solid with Iodine and NaOH.Methyl alcohol does not respond this test.

Canning jars with tattler lids, this is a trade with friends so you can get back lids and jars so you can reuse. Tattler are teflon reusable lids.

Lighters and refill ability, made a butane recharger for lighters  that fits on to a big butane tank.

freeze dried antibiotics and baclostatic water and hypodermics.

Ability to  work leather and tan hides with  brain tanning  skill. if o skill you can still sell strips/pieces

Doctor skills, along with salves and tinctures

Plastic rolls and  bags of 6 mill or higher

Toilet paper, wet wipes, diapers reusable rash creme , i would never sell the condoms too many uses for those things.

Diatomaceous earth