Maglus ,

What is the closest thing to a fish’s ******* ? A Fin .

The soviets attacked Finland with a lot of bad doctrine , poor leadership ( thanks to Stalin’s purge ), and mediocre equipment , they lost ………but after the Germans invaded , they were forced to change their doctrine and upgrade their equipment to survive . When the Russian steamroller got moving again , and it was clear that the Germans were not going to win the war …………….here comes Finland , running to Moscow to kiss Stalins ass for befriending the Nazis , Stalin was not impressed , and told the Fins that in order to make amends to the Soviet Union , they would have to surrender the Potsamo region …………..The Fins refused , and prepared for the next invasion ……..Stalin let them sweat and turned his attention to southern Europe and those territories , After those gains he was ready to invade Germany proper , While those troops massed , He attacked Finland , this time , the Fins were no match for a now battle hardened Red Army with good equipment , it was over very quickly , the Fins sued for peace ,  and the Fins not only lost the Potsamo region anyway , but also the ports they so generously let the Nazis use . The western allies didnt care that much about Finland , because they were on the wrong side of the coin . While Sweden stayed neutral , and Norway was fighting occupation and providing the allies with intel . Also why the German liner that was torpedoed by a Russian submarine , causing the single greatest maritime loss of life in history is little known today…………….they were on the wrong side of the coin .