matt76 ,
I liked the way you mentioned traps as a security measure , a very nasty lesson to look at as far as human traps go is the VC in Vietnam , they were very cunning . They even had fake grenade traps designed to kill combat engineers . What they would do , is set up a trip wire to a fake grenade tied to a stick , the real grenade was tied to the other end of the stick buried in the ground . The soldier would disarm the tripwire , and secure the fake grenade …….the thing went off when the guy pulled the stick out of the ground . The only thing I would worry about using traps for people , would be the randomness of it ……………I wouldnt like some kid getting killed just passing by , or getting hit by your own traps because I forgot where all of them were . Even fur trappers forget where all their traps are from time to time .

Freedom ,
I agree with getting meals from the sea , I used to live in Maine years back , and the sea there will feed you summer or winter . The Lobster Maine is famous for is not what it used to be , Maine has strict preservation laws to keep the generational tradition of lobstermen alive for the future , unfortunately , the lobster migration routes travel below Maine into waters of other states that do NOT regulate the fishing of them as much . Seaweed is also something that the coast can provide in abundance , I have eaten several types , its actually very good , matter of fact , you have to be careful not to eat too much of some types , because they have high levels of iodine . But knowing that they contain iodine , may have medicinal value in hard times . Given the choice ……I would much rather eat from the sea than the land , It just tastes better to me .