One thing I noticed about the run-up to the Balkan Civil War was that the former Yugoslavia was a cobbled together state under Tito. A “multicultural” state. Once things went wonky, different groups pulled away from the others and tribed up.

I fully expect this to happen in America. We are no longer one, homogenous people. We are a Tower of Babel, thanks to that piece of dog crap Ted Kennedy and the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. As much as people would like to think that folks would set aside their differences and work together, I’m thinking that’s pretty much a pipe dream. Folks who think that way are living in fantasy land. Look at the events of your average Black Friday shopping center… people go at it teeth and claws over some piece of useless Icrap right now, and we’re not even in a SHTF event! The “urban yoofs” in Chicago and elsewhere shoot each other deader’n Julius Caesar because they carry a different color snot rag or live across the train tracks… Economic Ragnarök hits, you think it won’t be full-blown open warfare, Yugo-style?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1