@Tsar you could look into getting a basic solar panel to at least charge some gadgets. Gypsy posted a review of one and I added the one I usually carry further down in the thread.

If the law is gone I really doubt that the grid would still work for an extended amount of time. I dont want to paint the devil on the wall but I guess it would make sense for a gang to try to get a monopoly on power. This would be a very easy way to get rich. Just imagine how many people would be willing to trade their belongings for the privilege to keep having power.

Regarding downed lines, this is indeed pretty nasty. Where I live power lines are installed very random and without a system. It is not uncommon that people get electrocuted after heavy rains. I guess just being more aware of this helps. I try to stay away from the chaotic bundles of powerlines that cross the streets here, whenever I can.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")